The Effects of Kratom Consumption

Mitragyna speciosa or commonly known as the kratom, is a tree found in South East Asia which belongs to the group of family of plants as gardenias and coffee. As a matter of fact, it has been widely used in Thailand and some neighboring countries as an herbal remedy for centuries to treat numerous kinds of diseases. It has opiate-like effects and has dose-dependent stimulants. Aside from its being taken to boost one’s energy and alleviates mild pains and aches, there are some anecdotal evidences which kratom may be very helpful in managing withdrawal syndromes associated with opiate dependence.

For many recent years, there has been a significant increase in kratom use rates in Europe and North America both as for management of opiate withdrawal as well as a recreational drug.

Is Kratom Dangerous to Your Health?

Scientific studies about kratom effects on your body is limited and there were no concrete clinical experiments conducted in order to prove whether it is totally safe for human consumption. Most of our present knowledge about this drug probably comes from unreliable and unscientific reports by doctors and kratom users, and animal experimental trials.

In addition to that, researchers have discovered about twenty biologically active substances in the drug that include several chemicals that bind opioid receptors found in our brains and have the possibility to lead towards addiction and physical dependence.

Even though kratom already has history of use as a beneficial herbal medicine in South East Asian countries, it is also very popular in the regions in Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand where in it has been banned because of its potential harmful effects such as very addictive as well as physical dependence.

And lastly, some substances found in it interrupts with enzymes that metabolize drugs in the liver. It may also cause hazardous interactions with other medications or drugs. Overdosage and overuse of this drug – some are fatal – have been common to people who takes kratom combined with other medicines.

Short-Term Effects

Due to its unique mix of chemicals, the short-term effects of kratom are variable and complex. The balance between opiate-like and stimulant-like effects depends on the dosage used and various users have reported to experienced different side effects even when just using the same dosage.

Effects of Kratom at Low Dosages

At a low dosage of kratom, the stimulant-like effects are very noticeable. These effects begin within ten minutes and lasts for almost an hour to one hour and a half. While users have reported that most individuals find these effects amusing and good, while some experience an awkward sense of both agitation and anxiety. In fact, the main stimulant-like effects of this drug are the same with that of amphetamine, though with lesser intensity which include:

1. Heightened libido

2. Increased sociability

3. Decreased appetite

4. Increased alertness and energy

Effects of Kratom at Moderate to High Dosages

Moderate to high dosages of this drug have mainly opioid-like effects which stays in the human systems for several hours. Therefore, if you see kratom for sale, make sure that you know how to properly use it before you buy one.


The Things Should Know About Roadside Assistance

Some people don’t even consider getting standby roadside assistance because they’re very good, responsible, and defensive drivers. But still, subscribing to such a service offers major benefits. Always remember that not everything goes exactly how you planned so you should be prepared for the worst.

You may be driving a well-maintained car and suddenly, you run over some spikes, thereby bursting your tires. What would do then? You might have the spare tire and the tools in your trunk but do you have the time or the capacity to fix your own vehicle? If you can’t say yes, then you’re better off driving with standby roadside assistance services because there worse things that could happen to you aside from a flat tire.

The Things You Get

Different service providers offer different levels of roadside assistance. Some companies are willing to provide car jump starts, tire replacement, fuel refilling, and towing while there are others that offer far more services and options than these. Service providers also tend to provide different packages. Try to learn everything about each so you’ll get the right services at a price that fits your budget.

In order to find the best services, research is the key. You need to plan everything, and you have to put a lot of effort into finding the ideal roadside assistance plan. Read what the company offers and find out how much they charge for it. Specifically, search for the items that you need and compare every important detail between providers. Never assume that every service provider offers the same options because that has never been the case.

The Things to Consider

There are several factors that can affect the roadside assistance or towing services that a company offers and one of them is the coverage area. These companies assign what’s referred to as a towing radius and it pertains to the number of miles that the service provider is willing to run before running that per-mile charging scheme. Know this very important detail before soliciting the services of a towing company as it can affect the pricing greatly.

Some only offer an allowance of three miles before they start charging per additional mile. When you the math, you’ll find out that things can get very expensive for you. If that’s the case, then you have to find a garage nearby that gladly will fix your car.

The Things to Check

Once you find the services that you need at the price that you can afford, the last and final step that you must do is check for reviews. Customer reviews are very helpful when choosing roadside assistance. Find out what other people are saying about the services of the company, whether or not they are satisfied with it.

Everybody who owns a car and drives it regularly needs roadside assistance and that’s a fact. It’s a necessity and you’ll get a lot of benefits from these services. Go ahead and look for the best emergency roadside assistance Bakersfield California offers. Know more about it, sign up for it, and have full peace of mind when driving.